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A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted a message on Facebook that she had piano and ukulele sheet music to give away. Immediately I thought of my co-worker, Paul, who not only plays the ukulele, but had his own collection of ukuleles on display:


The only catch in this RAK transaction is that my friend with the sheet music, Lea Cale, lives several states away! She offered to bring the sheet music with her the next time she was in town to visit family (since I live in her hometown), and that’s exactly what she did!

Over the holidays, I had the joy of spending time with her and her daughter as we caught up on each other’s lives. It blessed me immensely to have her in my home!


The first day back to school, I wrote a note to Paul to go with the sheet music, then left the stack with our music teacher, Abby, for the final delivery.



While it may not seem like much, especially if you aren’t a musician, it brought me joy to play a part in this pay-it-forward RAK. Oh, how I love the generosity of others!

Maybe you have something you no longer need that could bless someone else? If so, offer it up and see how blessed you feel to brighten someone else’s day!

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