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How many of you dread the word “Monday”?

One click of a Google search for “Monday quotes” and you can see the struggle is real:

Monday Quotes

What if it was possible to actually look forward to Monday? Say what? Yes! I’m serious! What if you could start your week with anticipation of something good instead of something bad.

Impossible? I think not.

For those of you on Twitter, you already know a few hashtags people follow for inspiration. You can now add #celebratemonday to your list. No, I didn’t create the hashtag (even though some of you thought I did!) Those kudos belong to principal Sean Gaillard, a motivating force behind the Monday positivity movement. Check out this article by ISTE, explaining how it all began!

This Monday morning, I woke to find a tweet from Sean giving me a shout-out on Twitter:

Sean Gaillard Tweet

When was the last time you had someone give you a shout-out to others? On social media? On a MONDAY MORNING?

My day was made and I hadn’t even left my house.

I was tagged in another tweet from Ashley Hurley, a gal in my virtual PLN:

Ashley's Tweet


So inspiring! Already my brain was spinning, thinking of a random act of kindness I could do to #celebratemonday. How fun!

I had to leave school early today to take my middle child to get braces on his bottom teeth (definitely not a RAK in his eyes!) and while I waited in the office for him to gather his belongings from class, I gazed at the beautiful tree painted on the office wall.

Not just any tree. A Giving Tree.


There were only a few leaves left on the tree, but surely I had something I could give. I reached up and removed a leaf to bless a teacher at my son’s school.


While I waited in the orthodontics office for the dental technicians to add brackets and wires to my child’s teeth, I thought about the leaf I pulled. I don’t know Ms. Owens, but I could imagine her purpose for those stress balls. Maybe she’s a SPED teacher and knows how some students need to keep their hands active to refocus their attention. Maybe she’s a P.E. teacher and wants to use the balls as part of a class activity. Perhaps she’s a science teacher and wants to use the balls in an experiment. No matter the reason, she needed the balls and I couldn’t wait to fulfill her wish.

Guess who’s getting 12 new stress balls soon! ūüôā


Later today, I had another friend, Kitty Tripp, tag me in her post about a random act of kindness she completed for a stranger:

Kitty Tweet

So awesome!

If you are looking to be inspired on a Monday morning, check out the hashtag #celebratemonday on Twitter. You might be amazed how good it will make you feel! Share your joys as well – celebrating Mondays inspires everyone!

Have a wonderful week ahead! Feel free to comment below with something good that happened to you today and share with a friend!


Wow – what an exciting year I’ve had, and it’s only the 9th day thus far! Today I completed another random act of kindness in celebration of a Twitter milestone – 2,000 followers! That number is simply incredible. To think that every time I post something, there are 2,000 different people receiving my words, my thoughts, my insights… wow, indeed!

My 2K follower was @mrwheeler, a high school language arts teacher from Ohio. Thanks for the follow!

Photo Jan 04, 4 33 36 PM

I wanted to do a RAK that aligned with his interests, so I decided to do something with books since he was an English teacher.  As a pure coincidence (or would you say divine intervention?), my co-worker Jen donated a Barnes and Nobles gift card for me to pay-it-forward in whatever RAK I chose. Perfect timing!

So after work today, I wrote a quick note and drove to the nearest store to leave my RAK surprise.

Photo Jan 09, 4 20 35 PM

Photo Jan 09, 4 19 52 PM

I found a stack of books near the front of the store and left the gift card there.

Photo Jan 09, 4 38 06 PM

It was so much fun to peek at the shoppers leisurely gazing at book titles around me. Which one would see my gift card? Who would actually pick it up and use it? Sometimes half the joy of doing a random act of kindness is in the wonderment of who will be the recipient.  Will it be someone shopping for a gift? A bookworm like me, who will read all sorts of books? Or maybe someone who wishes they had enough money for a hardback book, but had resigned themselves to only being able to afford a soft cover. One can only imagine.

I hope whoever received this RAK was blessed with a smile, because it definitely made my day to give it away!

Photo Jan 09, 4 39 47 PM

Mr. Wheeler, I hope your day was blessed as well, and I thank you… along with the other 1,999 of my followers, who engage with me on Twitter and allow me the privilege of sharing my life journey. I treasure each and everyone one of you!

Be blessed!

Twitter logo

If you are reading this post, you are somehow impacted by social media.  Maybe you prefer Facebook to Instagram, or perhaps you idle your time pinning ideas on Pinterest.  Whether you have a smart phone, an iPad, or even a Nook, you are connected to those around you.


I am so thankful to be living in this digital age, where free-flowing communication keeps me updated, informed, and in-the-know about those things that might otherwise slip my attention. ¬†Now, I know there are many people out there who may prefer the more traditional forms of communication: phone calls, letters, face-to-face visits… and that’s great for them! ¬†I enjoy, however, the fast-paced, never-ceasing overload of photos, words, and resources that magically appear on my phone at the touch of a button.

I am connected.

Today marked a milestone for me on Twitter.  After only four and a half months of engaged interactions, I received a notification that I now had 1,000 people following me Рhow exciting! Now to answer the question you may (or may not) be wondering:  Do I actually know all 1,000 people in that list?

The simple answer is: No! ¬†That’s the beauty of social media, my friends. You don’t necessarily have to “know” people to learn from them. ¬†I use Twitter to engage my mind. ¬†Learn more. ¬†Do more. ¬†Be inspired. ¬†Think deeper. ¬†And today, I have 1,000 people to thank for making me a better leader, a better mom, a better person.

On Twitter, we call those “people” whom we follow closely our “PLN” (Personal Learning Network). These are the people who post links and tweets we then retweet or mark favorite. ¬†Sometimes we learn about them personally; sometimes it’s strictly business. ¬†There are Twitter chats; hundreds, in fact, where we can gather at the same time, half a world apart, and converse. ¬†Share ideas. ¬†Ask questions. ¬†Brainstorm. ¬†Grow.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been 4 months since I presented an Ignite session at the ISTE 2014 conference in Atlanta. ¬†My interactive world has exploded with connections left and right. ¬†I am in a constant state of life-long learning, a path which grows longer each day, but is marked by sunshine and joy. Nowhere else can I receive free professional development, in 2 minutes or less, while waiting in line at the grocery store.

My PLN rocks!

So today, in honor of @elearningpros becoming my 1,000th Twitter follower, I performed a random act of kindness to celebrate!

Twitter pic - delete

I wanted to do something techie Рafter all, this was a social media celebration, so I picked up a few things at the store on my way to Starbucks.  I found an awesome Smartphone notebook that had app icons on the front (how cool is THAT?)  I also picked up a set of snazzy earbuds and a 2-in-1 Stylus/Ink Pen, too.

Smartphone notebook

Smartphone notebook

Photo Oct 31, 2 14 54 PM

Earbuds and stylus pen

I wrote a note to go with the items, then placed them in a bag which I will leave on this Starbucks table after I finish typing this post:

Photo Oct 31, 1 42 54 PM

Photo Oct 31, 2 23 17 PM

Maybe it’s a geeky thing to do, but you know what? ¬†I’m a tech geek at heart. This Twitter milestone reminds me that we are all part of a vital network of people – near and far. ¬†Everyone has something of value to share. ¬†Whether it’s a resource link on Twitter, a photo of your kids on Facebook, or a really cool recipe idea on Snapguide – sharing your knowledge, sharing your skills, sharing your LIFE, makes a positive impact on others.

Keep sharing and celebrate the many milestones in your life! Feel free to follow me on Twitter, too, if you are interested in learning more about instructional technology! ūüôā


UPDATE: ¬†As I had more writing tasks to complete, I decided to stay at Starbucks for a bit to see if anyone would take the bag of goodies I left to be discovered. ¬†It’s always an interesting perspective, people watching. ¬†I saw two separate people peek inside the bag, then put it back. ¬†I saw a teenager nudge his younger sibling to open the bag, only to be disappointed, with no toys or “fun things” inside.¬† I even saw a group of teenagers arrive and animatedly discuss the contents of the bag, which was quite enjoyable to listen to only a few feet away, until they started discussing the value of each item in the bag. ¬†I was a bit dismayed when one of the teens took the earbuds, but left the stylus and notebook. ¬†My first thought was actual embarrassment, that my surprise gifts had been shunned by adolescents who simply misunderstood the purpose of my RAK. ¬†Then my thoughts shifted. ¬†It was a free gift, after all. Did she not feel worthy to take the entire bag? ¬†Or perhaps she¬†felt guilty taking everything, and wanted someone else to share in the joy of discovery. ¬†Maybe she was just a teenager who lost her earbuds and needed new ones.

I am a Pollyanna at heart.  I watched this gal, her new earbuds grasped in her hands balanced with her specialty Starbucks drink, and I would like to think that her day was blessed by my generosity.  After all, new earbuds is a cool find for a teenager.

For the next person who receives my RAK bag, I hope you might find joy in the items that remain, even without the earbuds. ¬†After all, it’s the thought that counts. ¬†ūüôā


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