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Ask any teacher the value of copy paper and you might be surprised to hear the answer.  Even as we move towards a digital world, teachers still use a LOT of paper, for a variety of purposes.  Now this is not a blog post of me comparing the evils of worksheets with free, online tools; rather, it’s a simple summary of the random act of kindness I did today, from one teacher to another.

I left extra paper in the copy machine.

Photo Oct 02, 8 40 48 AM

Yes, I know, it may not seem like a monumental RAK, but there is nothing worse than having 5 minutes left in your planning period, walking across campus to the copy room to make one extra copy you forgot to make, only to discover you left your open package of copy paper back in your classroom.  So frustrating!

As a technologist, I don’t use many photocopies (unless I’m working on a special project or professional development sessions), so it’s become my little RAK tradition to bring a little extra paper with me every time I head to the copier machine.  Then, when my copies are made, I simply leave the paper in the tray just in case the next person forgot to bring their stack.

It’s a simple way to put a little good back into this world, almost always anonymously.  (Well, until now. I guess I just blew my cover writing this post, lol.)

I hope this quick blog post inspires you to look for small ways to bless one another.  Kindness is always free.  🙂

Be blessed and pay it forward!


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