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Wow – what an exciting year I’ve had, and it’s only the 9th day thus far! Today I completed another random act of kindness in celebration of a Twitter milestone – 2,000 followers! That number is simply incredible. To think that every time I post something, there are 2,000 different people receiving my words, my thoughts, my insights… wow, indeed!

My 2K follower was @mrwheeler, a high school language arts teacher from Ohio. Thanks for the follow!

Photo Jan 04, 4 33 36 PM

I wanted to do a RAK that aligned with his interests, so I decided to do something with books since he was an English teacher.  As a pure coincidence (or would you say divine intervention?), my co-worker Jen donated a Barnes and Nobles gift card for me to pay-it-forward in whatever RAK I chose. Perfect timing!

So after work today, I wrote a quick note and drove to the nearest store to leave my RAK surprise.

Photo Jan 09, 4 20 35 PM

Photo Jan 09, 4 19 52 PM

I found a stack of books near the front of the store and left the gift card there.

Photo Jan 09, 4 38 06 PM

It was so much fun to peek at the shoppers leisurely gazing at book titles around me. Which one would see my gift card? Who would actually pick it up and use it? Sometimes half the joy of doing a random act of kindness is in the wonderment of who will be the recipient.  Will it be someone shopping for a gift? A bookworm like me, who will read all sorts of books? Or maybe someone who wishes they had enough money for a hardback book, but had resigned themselves to only being able to afford a soft cover. One can only imagine.

I hope whoever received this RAK was blessed with a smile, because it definitely made my day to give it away!

Photo Jan 09, 4 39 47 PM

Mr. Wheeler, I hope your day was blessed as well, and I thank you… along with the other 1,999 of my followers, who engage with me on Twitter and allow me the privilege of sharing my life journey. I treasure each and everyone one of you!

Be blessed!

Coffee.  Ahhh… the quintessential early morning pick-me-up to get your day going.  For some, coffee is a must-have; for others, it’s a treat.  I think I’m somewhere in the middle.  I can go without coffee, but offer me a Starbucks and I will never refuse!

Knowing I would embark on my flight home at 8:00 AM and not disembark until 5:00 PM, a Starbucks salted caramel coffee sounded like a perfect way to start my travels.  As one of my birthday gifts, my forever friend Lisa had sent me a $5 Starbucks card with pay-it-forward instructions on the front of the card.

As I approached the cashier, I turned to the woman behind me and gave her the $5 gift card and my business card.  “Be blessed!  Enjoy a treat on me!”  The cashier, a lively guy named Sean, overheard our conversation and jumped right in.  “That was so nice!  What a special thing to do!”  He then told me about other customers who had done similar acts of kindness by purchasing drinks for complete strangers.

With coffees in hand, I had another patron snap a photo of this random act of kindness.  Just in time to board our planes!

Be blessed my friends!  And the next time you swing by a Starbucks, look around and see if there’s someone who you can bless.  You might be surprised at how good it feels to buy two coffees instead of one!  🙂

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