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Aaaaarrrrgh Matey! Today is Krispy Kreme’s annual Talk Like a Pirate Day which is a fun random act of kindness the restaurant shares with its customers. If you enter the restaurant and talk like a pirate, you will receive a free glazed donut; if you dress like a pirate (with 3 or more required elements like an eyepatch and black boots), you will receive a dozen free glazed donuts. How awesome is THAT?!

So, OF COURSE, you know I had to participate!


Now for those of you who know me in the professional realm, I dressed up like a pirate this summer, but it was still a blast to get dressed up again for some mouth-watering Krispy Kreme donuts! When I arrived at the store, the gal behind the counter came out and asked to take her picture with me… I wasn’t expecting that! But we were all smiles for the photos as I laughed with the other “pirates” searching for their treasure.


Even though I was blessed with 12 free donuts, I still bought three additional creme-filled ones that were decorated like pirates for my kiddos back home – who could resist such cuteness?


The bottom one had a melted bandanna, but he was still ARGH-worthy!


Next, I decided to pay-it-forward with a random act of kindness by donating my 12 free donuts to my local fire station. I’m sure they were a bit perplexed why this crazy woman dressed like a pirate was ringing their doorbell, but they were all smiles when I explained my RAK!



It was a delightful way to spend my morning and I had three happy kiddos when I returned home. Thanks Krispy Kreme for all the fun!

How did YOU celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day? Comment below and share your joy!

Photo Jan 24, 4 07 13 PM

One of the things I love about living near Richmond is that we are close to a REAL Krispy Kreme donut shop. Our shop makes the donuts from start to finish in plain view of the customer, with only a glass wall separating you and the production line.

Photo Jan 24, 4 07 41 PM

If you’ve never had an original glazed Krispy Kreme donut right off the conveyor belt, dripping from a heated waterfall of icing, you are missing out! ¬†You always know when the donuts are “hot off the press” because Krispy Kreme will light their Hot sign whether day or night.


I received a coupon from a friend for a FREE original glazed donut and I couldn’t wait to pay it forward to bless someone else! So I drove down to the shop and left my surprise where it couldn’t be missed – right on the glass window.

Photo Jan 24, 4 17 25 PMIt wasn’t much, didn’t cost me a dime, but boy did it make me happy! I wonder who got the free donut today? A mom suprising her kids for breakfast? Perhaps a grandparent spoiling their grandchild? Maybe even a businessman, swayed by the neon sign shining through his car window. Who knows. I just hope whoever used the coupon felt blessed by this random act of kindness and maybe it brightened their day!

Keep on keeping on, my dear friends! Kindness matters! ūüôā

This has been such a fun week. ¬†I’ve done several little RAKs here and there, but haven’t had a speck of time to write about them! ¬†Now that I’ve completed my #26 acts mission and my 40 for 40 RAKs, it’s really nice to just be able to DO a RAK without any planning or thinking ahead!

As many of you know, we like to visit the Krispy Kreme store when report cards come out because Krispy Kreme is AWESOME about giving one free doughnut for each A you receive on your report card.  Monday night after dinner we made a quick drive across town (oxymoron), and reaped the rewards.



You have never seen such joy as watching a little person pick out their favorite doughnut to eat from the display case!

Since Krispy Kreme only gives out free glazed doughnuts for report cards, we always allow the kids to pick their favorite doughnut out as well. ¬†Such joy! ¬†This evening, as everyone was making their selections, we purchased a few extra doughnuts as well (Rich’s idea) – some for Rich’s running team and some for the teachers at my school.

photo 3

The next morning, Rich delivered his donuts to his pals and I delivered mine. ¬†I left them in our teacher’s lounge with a little note attached to the box.

photo 2

photo 1A closer view of the note

It wasn’t much to give, and for those teachers who are dieting it may have made their day even worse, lol, but it was still a fun RAK to do on the first really cold day of Fall!

Be inspired!  More RAKs to come soon!

One of our favorite family traditions is visiting Krispy Kreme when the children receive their report cards.¬† “One free doughnut for every A” is¬†the¬†incentive Krispy Kreme offers and¬†they never disappoint!¬†Ever since our daughter started Kindergarten eight years ago, we have made the trek across town to the only Krispy Kreme restaurant around, to watch the doughnuts transform from gooey round balls to puffed up delicacies.¬† We love staring at¬†the baked doughnuts sliding down the conveyor belt with sweet anticipation of seeing them¬†being smothered in warm, slick icing.


Yes, a visit to Krispy Kreme is quite the treat for our family indeed, especially because we don’t live nearby.¬† This past week we piled the kids in the car, report cards in hand, and made our way to this little piece of heaven on earth.

Traveling side roads, main roads, and interstates, we finally approached our destination.¬† My son piped up from the back seat,”Mommy… what does that sign say?”¬† He was pointing to a girl standing on the side of street who was holding up a sign asking for help.¬† “We don’t need rocks, we need socks!” declared the sign.¬† She was a bit disheveled in her mismatched layers of clothes, trying to keep the biting wind away from her bare skin.¬† “What does that mean, Mommy?¬† I don’t get it!”¬† Well, I could have spent the next two hours talking about that sign and the greater issues in our society that the sign represented, but I answered simply, “I think she just wants a little bit of help, sweetie.”

We turned into the Krispy Kreme parking lot and made our way into the restaurant, but the image of the girl holding the sign wouldn’t leave my mind.¬† When was the last time she ate?¬† Had a shower?¬† I noticed that there was a dog sitting by her feet.¬† When was the last time he ate?¬† As we made our way through the line to the front display with all the different varieties of sprinkled and iced donuts, I knew exactly what I needed to do.

The Krispy Kreme worker checked off the A’s on the children’s report cards and packed the free glazed doughnuts into a sturdy box to take back home.¬† Each child also chose one “fancy” doughnut of their choice which we purchased with milk to be consumed now.¬† I pointed to the red, pink, and white sprinkled heart-shaped doughnut in the front and asked, “May I have this one to go?¬† With a coffee and a cup of water, too?”¬† Gathering napkins, cream, sugar, and a stir stick, I told my husband, “I’ll be right back” and walked out of the front door as my children made their way to the back of the store with their dad to eat their special treats.


“Excuse me.¬† Hi,” I said to the girl on the street corner, who was leaning over rubbing her dog.¬† “Hi!”¬† she reponded, eye opening wide.¬† I held out the¬†drinks and doughnut. ¬†“Your sign made me smile.¬† I wanted you to have these.”¬† Her smile was bright and cheerful despite her clothes and surroundings.¬† “And the water is for your dog,” I added as an after thought.

I caught movement from the corner of my eye and turned to see two more people on the corner, another young girl and an older gentleman, hunched and worn with age.¬† “Oh no!” I exclaimed.¬† “I didn’t know you had friends with you!¬† I thought it was only you!”¬† The second girl came closer and showed me the dog she had hidden inside her coat.¬† “I have a dog, too!” she said, proudly drawing attention to the little scruffy head peeking from within.¬† “Oh my gosh, I am so sorry!¬† I only brought one doughnut and coffee, thinking there was only one person here!¬† I am so sorry!”¬† The girls laughed, still smiling, with the first girl easing my embarrassment.¬† “Oh, it’s OK.¬† This is my sister.¬† We can share.¬† It was nice of you to bring us a treat!”


As I turned to make my way back to my family, nestled in the warm restaurant devouring their doughnuts with sticky fingers and milk-stained mouths, I heard the girl offer her doughnut to the older gentleman who had stayed hidden in the shadows.¬† “Pat, you want part of this?¬† You can have some if you want.”¬† Almost out of earshot, I heard Pat respond, “No, no, girls, you have it.¬† I get me something soon.¬† You eat.”

It almost broke my heart.

As the tears started to sting the corners of my eyes, I pushed open the door to Krispy Kreme and sat with my family.¬† “What did she say?”¬† “Was she excited?”¬† “Did the dog drink all the water?”¬† The kids had dozens of questions, clearly interested and concerned at the same time.¬† After retelling my random act of kindness, I couldn’t overcome the simple lesson I myself had learned from the experience.¬† These girls, whose lives were obviously more challenged than mine, had¬†received an unexpected surprise and yet were willing to share it with someone else who might be more in need than them.¬† Priceless.

In that moment, I knew I had more to do.  I got back in line, purchased two more doughnuts, coffees, and waters, and made my way back to the street corner.  I wanted to bless both sisters and their older friend, Pat.


“Hi.¬† I’m back.”¬† I held out the treats as an offering for forgiveness.¬† “Now you don’t have to share!”¬† They were surprised by my return and the older girl exclaimed, “Oh wow!”¬† I pulled out the cream, sugar and stir sticks from my pocket.¬† “Stay warm and know you are loved.¬† Be blessed!”¬† I quickly turned and walked away before they could see the tears inching out of my eyes yet again.

I know there has been a lot of conversation and debate¬†within our local community about homeless people standing on the sides of streets, signs in hand, asking for help¬†or handouts.¬† In this moment, it didn’t matter.¬†¬† None of it made a difference to me.¬† It was simply a moment in time where I saw an opportunity to bless someone else with kindness.¬† I could have just as easily purchased doughnuts and coffee for a stranger in the restaurant.¬† I wasn’t there to debate the legalities of their actions, nor their purpose or intent.¬† All that was important was that I acted on my heart and did what I felt was the right thing, in the right time.

This random act of kindness is dedicated to Caroline Previdi, age 6, whose neighbor told the Associated Press that “Caroline was always wanting others to smile.”¬† I can relate.¬† It really does brighten your day to know you made someone else smile.¬† I hope there’s an endless supply of pretty sprinkled doughnuts in heaven for this sweet little girl.¬† I also hope her parents know that her legacy lives on with this simple act of kindness.

Be blessed, my friends, and never let an opportunity pass to bless a strangers.  I promise you will be more blessed in return!

Since today was a monumental day being the last time we will ever witness a triple digit replication date (12-12-12), I wanted to do something fun with the number 12 while performing a random act of kindness at the same time. After brainstorming a bit, I thought, “What could be more fun than… a dozen donuts!!”

So I headed to our local Dunkin’ Donuts shop (no Krispy Kreme nearby), and ordered a dozen assorted donuts.



I knew exactly who would be so deserving of an unexpected treat… our local firefighters! So I scribbled a note on the back of my business card then drove straight to the fire station.



I met the fire fighters, thanked them for their service, told them about my birthday project then passed along the donuts. So fun!


They insisted that I get in the picture by standing on their truck (which made me nervous being in heels!!). I actually laughed out loud when one of them said, “You won’t fall… we will catch you!”


Even though it was a very small gesture to say “Thank You!” for all the amazing services our fire fighters provide for our community on a daily basis, I was glad I took the time out of my day to show my appreciation. It was also a fun way to celebrate 12-12-12!

The next time you want to put a smile on your face… do something nice for your local fire fighters. I promise you will be blessed in return! ūüôā

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