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Dear Beautiful Family

Posted on: July 13, 2016

 Dear Beautiful Family,

Today as I sank my toes into the warm sand and felt the gentle breeze gracefully sweep across my face, I saw you walking towards the waves. You were unrushed; your steps small and gentle as you stared in wonder at the ocean that stretched for miles ahead.

You were a beautiful family of three, a triangulation of love completely balanced in joy as you watched your son play in the waves. My son played there as well.

Your chair rested to my right, your legs outstretched to capture the tickle of the tide as it approached the shore. Your son’s laughter at the rising surf made me smile as the waves crashed around him; the simplicity of childhood captured in a fleeting moment of bliss.

I watched your family and prayed for you.

Today, in this moment, there were no worries. There were no fears. You reminded me that life doesn’t have to be complicated. We shared this space and reveled in the joy of watching our children play, even as the finite world around us raged with anger and hate.

You brought me hope.

I know when you leave this beach, the crushing realities of raising a child whose skin color is much darker than yours may overshadow this moment. That is why I am writing this letter today.

To remind you that your family is beautiful. To share the joy you brought to my heart today. To show that someone cares for you and your child.

You matter.

Your child matters.

Your family matters.

And in this singular moment of time, I wish I could wrap my arms around you, embracing all that you represent, showcasing to the world how perfect life can be.

No anger.

No hate.

Simply love.


2 Responses to "Dear Beautiful Family"

I just wept and can’t stop weeping. this is beautiful. And I agree. ❤

We are but one, but we can change the world through love and kindness. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and sharing my post to so many! You’ve made my night! ❤️

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