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Jelly Belly RAKs – Renee RAK 1

Posted on: January 2, 2015

This week we visited the Jelly Belly factory in Wisconsin. (Yes, we are a long way from home!) We took a tour through the warehouse and learned lots of interesting facts about how Jelly Belly gourmet jellybeans are made.

As the tour ended, the workers passed out free bags of jelly beans to all the riders. What a sweet random act of kindness!

As we were walking through the store, deciding what kinds of treats we wanted to purchase, I decided to “sprinkle kindness like glitter” (thanks, Renee!) and bless others around me.

I put quarters in the candy machines. I left quarters near the candy jars at checkout. I even left a dollar in the candy corn bin, my youngest son’s favorite Jelly Belly product.





What fun! The best part was discovering my surprises had been taken in the time it took for me to complete my mission.


Yes, I realize my RAKs are small, but just knowing that someone else was blessed with an unexpected sweet treat made me smile. What a wonderful way to roll into a new year!

May 2015 bless you with abundance and joy through all your adventures. Thank you for continuing to share this journey with me! 🙂

This random act of kindness dedicated in memory of Renee Parr.

1 Response to "Jelly Belly RAKs – Renee RAK 1"

[…] Over the Christmas holiday, I had that first nudge as my family and I were visiting the Jelly Belly factory in Wisconsin. There were lots of smiling children and the whole place seemed somewhat magical with candy all about. You can read about that RAK here. […]

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