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Random Act of Kindness #28

Posted on: November 13, 2012

Today my day was filled with doctor appointments so I decided to do a few Random Acts of Kindness to lift my spirits. I’m always surprised just HOW GOOD it feels to treat others with kindness! So here are my acts today:

  • I paid the toll for the person driving behind me. (Yes, I’ve done this one before, but it just makes me happy when I can look in my rear view mirror and see the stranger trying to pay the toll booth attendant as she hands the person my card with an explanation that their toll has been paid in full. What joy!)
  • I did not hit the person who thought it was wise to drive horizontally across the Target parking lot. Trust me. I could have easily hit her had I not been paying attention. She drove out RIGHT in front of me! But instead of getting angry, I simply waved her on (as she slammed on her brakes halfway across my field of vision.) “Patience. Kindness. Grace.” I whispered to myself.
  • I picked up trash in the parking lot and put it in a trash can at the front of the store.
  • I left a diaper coupon right on a pack of diapers for another mom to discover. $3.00 off! That’s a big deal!
  • I blessed a stranger at the Dollar Tree by buying her items. She only had a few things and looked like she was having a not-so-great day (at least by her expression.) I wish I had taken a picture of her smile when she figured out what I was doing! She hugged me, read my business card, and promised to pay it forward. Yay! :-).

    At this point I realized I hadn’t taken any photos of my blessings, so I snapped one of the store and one of the stranger as she walked (almost bounced!) to her car.

  • 20121113-171915.jpg


A little bit of kindness goes a long, long way. Sometimes I wonder who is being blessed more: them or me? I hope you will be inspired to do kind things for others, ESPECIALLY on days you don’t feel that great. Trust me when I say it can totally change your mindset!


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