celebrate kindness


Posted on: August 4, 2012

Saw this quote in a Real Simple magazine and felt inspired for the day:

“Neither poverty nor wealth defines us… our empathy is the highest expression of our shared nobility”

~ Vaddey Ratner

The article, titled “My Father Taught Me to Value Every Human Life”, spoke of how the author blessed a beggar as a child with not only hot food, but honor and respect by removing her sandals, as was the sign of deference in Cambodia.  Another quote that jumped out at me was this:

“We are all beggars.  It doesn’t matter what we wear – rags or silk.  We each ask the same of life.  No matter how impoverished a man may be, his life is worth as much as any other and deserves our respect.”

Powerful words, powerful message.  Who will you bless today with YOUR kindness and respect?

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