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Random Act of Kindness #2

Posted on: August 1, 2012

Today I took the kids school supply shopping.  The traditional “tax-free” weekend doesn’t begin until Friday, but somehow we are always late on this event and by the time we get to the store all the notebooks, backpacks, and lunchboxes are picked over with little options to choose from.  This year we decided to go early and beat the rush (even though it meant having to pay tax on everything.)

I was already wondering how I could bless others in this task.  As we began loading items into our cart, I realized I had several coupons in my pocket.  Everyone likes a discount, right?  So I decided to bless others instead of myself today.  I took each coupon and placed it with its respective item, then positioned it right by the price tag so they couldn’t be overlooked.

Once again, I forgot to bring business cards, so this Random Act of Kindness is on the house!

The next time you happen to see a coupon “just lying there”, take a moment to appreciate the small, but meaningful, act of kindness.  Be inspired!

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